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  • “However, now we — at least those of us who pay attention — know, thanks to Glenn Beck, the Saudi person of interest is not just some innocent bystander after all.

    Just hours after the April 15 bombing, Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi was put on a terror watch list and had an event file created that indicated he was armed and dangerous; and actions began that would lead to his deportation. Alharbi, who is related to a number of terrorists now residing in Gitmo and/or listed as part of al-Qaida, was admitted to the United States under a “special advisory opinion,” indicating someone pulled some strings for him. His strings go a long way — all the way to the White House, where Alharbi was a frequent visitor (seven times since 2009).
    His file contained one prior event, indicating he was already in the terrorism watch list system. Yet even though he’s marked as a terrorist, he was allowed in. Perhaps that explains Michelle Obama’s hospital visit. Alharbi and the Obamas are friends.

    After news of his possible deportation leaked, government officials backtracked. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano refused to answer questions from a Congressman about Alharbi. An Immigration and Customs Enforcement official told Beck a different Saudi was in custody but not connected to the bombing.

    Someone altered Alharbi’s file on April 17 in a way that disassociated him from the bombing, according to Beck, but an original had been printed out and saved. The change happened around the time that first Secretary of State John Kerry and then President Barack Obama met with the Saudi foreign minister — a meeting that wasn’t on Obama’s schedule.

    There are photographs on the Internet that purport to show Alharbi with two other Saudis near the bomb site.

    If the government will lie about who Alharbi is and whether his is a suspect, what else about the official narrative is a lie?

    Despite initial claims by the FBI that included a request to help identify the two men in the video, the Tsarnaev brothers have been known to that agency and the CIA for some time.

     According to their mother, the FBI interviewed them five years ago. The CIA was warned about Tamerlan by Russian authorities almost two years ago. He was on at least two terrorist watch lists. He was flagged so that his travel outside the U.S. would create an alert. They may have been so well-known to the government security apparatus that they were, in fact, double agents.

    If the FBI will lie about knowing who the suspects were, what other portions of the story are false?

    Police begin to look pretty incompetent if they are having a shootout involving dozens of police officers and just two suspects if the suspects escape, even if the suspects are armed with several weapons. But now we know that the pair did not have an arsenal, as first reported, but only one Ruger 9 mm handgun.

    If police will lie about the weapons the pair had and what happened during the shootout, what else are they lying about?
    The doctor who first examined Tamerlan said the suspect was in cardiac arrest when he was brought to the emergency room. The doctor described him as suffering from gunshot wounds and a possible blast injury to the trunk that included thermal burns. No mention was made of injuries sustained from being run over by a car. A witness to the shootout who took photographs out his window said Dzhokhar drove through the police barricade, striking two police cars as he did. He did not mention Tamerlan being run over.

    If the police will lie about Tamerlan’s cause of death, what else are they lying about?

    Police fired dozens of rounds at the boat in which Dzhokhar was hiding. He came out of the boat with a wound to the throat. The MSM reports it was a wound so serious it may leave him unable to speak. It may have been a suicide attempt, police say.

    Except, he wasn’t armed. He didn’t have a suicide vest. USA Today says this “undercuts initial accounts that the 19-year-old university student was heavily armed, had shot at police and possibly had an explosive device.” And the wound was small and more like a knife cut or a shrapnel wound, according to one of the SWAT team members who arrested Dzhokhar. And as Robert Wenzel notes, notice the reaction of other SWAT members at about 4:50 on the video as the man speaking describes the cut. Did he deviate from the official narrative?

    If police will lie about the weapons Dzhokhar had and the extent of his injuries, how much of the rest of the narrative is a lie?

    As Jon Rappoport points out, the government’s bomb narrative is fishy. The piece of metal that was purported to be remains of a pressure cooker bomb shows no evidence of having contained shrapnel. The bomb blast was designed to stay low, indicating a level of sophistication far above reading a how-to article on an al-Qaida website.

    Official information about Craft operatives who were seen before the explosions, some of them walking around with radiation detectors, is likewise questionable, not that the MSM and their mindless watchers are questioning it. Runners report seeing bomb-sniffing dogs being used before the event and being told a drill was being conducted. Boston police claim there was no drill. More lies!”
    …………………. continued ………………..

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