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Liberty 11/10/2012 (p.m.)

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  • Excellent analogy.  My take on the fiscal cliff is that we have an agreement in place, signed off on by Obama, the Democrats and the Republicans.  Let’s hold to it.  Hold the line.  And under no circumstances raise the debt limit.  Bring home the troops.  Make the spending cuts in the sequestration agreement.  Replace that idiot Speaker of the House Boehner with Representative Darryl Isa.  Freeze Obama with his own agreement, and then dig our way out of this by stopping the socialist spending spree.

    “In the movie Usual Suspects, Keyser Soze is confronted with the fact that his wife and children would be an impediment in dealing with his business competitors. In a way the House GOP finds itself in the same position as Keyser Soze. Our home has been invaded. Our family despoiled. And we are facing a never ending series of ever increasing demands from the criminals who have abused us.

    Sometimes the only way out of a dilemma is by clearing the table and starting again from scratch. At midnight on December 21, 2012 the United States will be faced with what is being called the “fiscal cliff.” In short this cliff is composed of several parts.

    1. The payroll tax reduction passed in 2010 will end.
    2. The temporary tax rates passed under President Bush will lapse.
    3. Obamacare’s taxes will come due.
    4. The Alternative Minimum Tax will expand to many more taxpayers.
    5. Extended unemployment benefits will expire.
    6. Some $78 billion in federal spending will be sequestered.
    7. Medicare “doc fix” will expire.

    There are several sets of sacred cattle here. The GOP is primarily interested in protecting the tax cuts and Defense spending. The Democrats are primarily interested in preserving the social spending and free stuff for their base. This time around the Democrats, in their never ending paean to class warfare, are insisting that the Bush Tax Rates for the wealthiest Americans be allowed to expire. The GOP should not negotiate on this. This will put the GOP in the position of only getting part of what it wants in exchange for giving the Democrats everything they want, in other words this is a textbook case of bipartisanship in Washington.

    The GOP should take the position that the danger to our country comes from profligate spending and while reduced taxes are the correct policy we are not in the position to make that trade off. If necessary, the GOP should stand ready to walk away from negotiations and let events take their course. They should metaphorically shoot their wife and kids.”

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  • 366,000 votes across four States elected Obama?   Exit polls show 65% against ObamaCare;  60% saying Government is too big and Government regulation destroying business and the economy.  62% saying the country is headed in the wrong direction.  For 72% the economy and jobs were the primary concern.  62% claim taxes too high.  And this right after they voted for another four years of Obama policies.

    “Take Colorado, Florida, Ohio, and Virginia, for example.  Had Romney won those states, he would be celebrating victory today.  The media would have you believe that he was trounced there.  That’s not the case.

    Romney lost all four states — and the presidency — by less than 400,000 votes.  He lost Colorado by 111,000, Florida by 47,000, Ohio by 100,000, and Virginia by 108,000.  That’s it. Romney was locked out of the White House by about 366,000 votes.

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November 10, 2012 at 12:32 pm

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